Sunday, 13 August 2017

Broad Farm Touring Caravan Park & Campsite Re-visit

We recently went down to Broad Farm in Fleggburgh, Norfolk to check out a band and see if there had been any changes to the arcade.

Something has survived!  On my last visit The Lost World was out of order, it was nice to see it up and running again.

For some reason the shooter line up and Dirty Harry pinball table were switched off.

The ‘arcade graveyard’ section remains largely unchanged, although the Crazy Taxi cabinet has gone.

It turns out there is another arcade next to the bar area.  This comprised mostly of fruit machines, but the awesome Virtua Racing was a nice surprise.

Unfortunately the left monitor wasn’t working and the machine was a little worn around the edges.  However Sega Model 1 machines are a rare find these days and it was great to see one still being operated.

I can’t comment on the band.  My daughter was getting pretty tired and grumpy, and we ended up going home before they had even finished setting up.

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