Monday, 4 April 2016

Norfolk 2014 Coast 2 Coast - Part 3: Return to Hermanus Leisure, Winterton-on-Sea

I had just missed the peak season and it wasn’t until October half term that Hermanus Leisure opened the arcade and I finally got to check it out.  This chance encounter proved to be a pretty awesome find and worth the wait!  I was really happy to see Final Fight and intrigued by the cockpit cabinet.

The cabinet turned out to be Special Criminal Investigation, Taito’s follow up to Chase H.Q., released in 1989.  Finding this cabinet was an awesome surprise.  I don’t recall seeing one back in the day, and I never thought I’d see one. 



This cockpit was also used for Chase H.Q., like the one that used to be sited at Thomas’s Showboat arcade in Hunstanton.  

The monitor was nice and the game played well.  Even the red flashing lights were working! 

I could see that the cockpit still had some art work on the side next to the wall, but it was ripped and shredded.  The cabinet was in otherwise good condition. 

I love old school rain effects!

The machines were still set at 20p / credit.