Tuesday 3 January 2023

Road Trip to Super Game Shack & Pick Ups

On this retro hunt we head to the Super Game Shack in Leicester. The shop has an incredible selection of games and with vintage movie posters, a Tardis, multiple Gremlins, Blockbuster shelves and tonnes of merch, it's a super cool experience. I pick up some Nintendo classics and manage to strike off a couple from my wants list.

Wednesday 28 December 2022

Road Trip to Vintage Gamer & Pick Ups

I'd been wanting to visit Vintage Gamer in Halesowen for a long time, but it always seemed just a little bit too out of the way for us.  When the owner decided to sell his personal Megadrive UK full set collection, I knew it was time to finally make the trip.  I was so pleased to pick up some Megadrive titles which had eluded me for years, but it was some awesome surprise pick ups which really made the trip.

Road Trip to Doorway to Dorkness & Pick Ups

We had stopped by Doorway to Dorkness in Doncaster once before and were incredibly impressed by the selection and condition of games and how well everything was presented. When they announced a move to a bigger location, I was incredibly excited.  Join us as we visit the new shop and pick up some awesome Nintendo classics.

Summer Retro Hunt & Arcade Tour in Essex

In this video we check out the stunning new shop Miso Retro Games, as well as the awesome Retro Hunter.  We also stop by Nerd Base for a vintage toy nostalgia overload and get our arcade fix at Neon Knights.

Saturday 27 August 2022

Construction Site Arcade Raid June 2022

Join us on our next arcade adventure as we travel to a construction site to salvage some arcade machines. The machines were previously owned by an old fairground and circus owner and had been stored in a container for several decades.

Saturday 23 July 2022

25 Years of Goldeneye Dev Talk

I spent many hours playing Goldeneye with my housemates back in the day. For the first time we had an amazing first person multiplayer shooter console experience, it was way ahead of everything else. Friendships were lost, arguments were settled and lectures were occasionally missed. The game was incredible and became synonymous with that part of my life.

I was very excited to attend an evening at The Centre for Computing History in Cambridge celebrating 25 years of the classic N64 game. A talk was given by some of the original development team, Martin Hollis, Dr. David Doak and Brett Jones. 

It was a fascinating insight into the game’s development with loads of interesting snippets. I was intrigued to hear Virtua Cop was a strong influence and that one of the original concept ideas for the game was an on rails shooter.

I took some games along from my collection and was really pleased to get them signed. A massive thanks to The Centre for Computing History for hosting such an amazing event. It’s time to dust off that N64 controller again and play some Goldeneye.

Friday 22 July 2022

Easter Arcade Tour 2022

Join us on an arcade tour as we check out three new awesome arcades, The Pixel Bunker in Milton Keynes, Boneyard Arcade in Exeter and Insanity Gaming Arcade in Poole.