Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Arcades In and Around Great Yarmouth – Part 3: Caister, California & Scratby

Caister Holiday Park


Sands Amusements – California Sands Estate


In addition to the arcade, I checked out the Club Oasis showbar and spied an Electrocoin cabinet. 

I switched the cab on at the plug socket, half expecting it not to work and the monitor slowly came to life to reveal an arcade classic!

Sunbeach Holiday Village - Dutchy’s Tavern - California

California Amusements

The videogames in this arcade were switched off.  I asked if they could switch them on but was told they were broken.

The Pink Palace - Scratby

Gambling and redemption machines.  The only link to gaming was Pac Man and Ghosts seemingly trapped inside a glass cabinet, waiting for someone to rescue them with the crane!

Summerfields Holiday Park - Scratby

Sunday, 13 July 2014

MVS Recent Additions Part 3 – Money Puzzle Exchanger, Garou and Sengoku

Money Puzzle Exchanger 
Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Matching Serial # 008047

I also received a nice clean Sengoku cart, various MVS arts and mini marquees and a NOS New Astro City instruction sheet.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Heart Of Gaming

This week I finally checked out The Heart Of Gaming, a relatively new arcade in North Acton, West London.

The Sega Versus City cabinets played host to some top fighters, as well as the awesome Money Puzzle Exchanger.


I was really happy to see the Jaleco Pony Mk. II 28 cabinets.  I used to play on them in the Trocedero Funland/Sega World.  I remember playing Air Assault/Fire Barrel and Asian Dynamite/Dynamite Deka EX on the Pony’s just before it closed its doors.

I enjoyed playing Border Down, Pulstar and Ghosts’N Goblins.  My personal highlight was Killer Instinct 2, in an original Killer Instinct cabinet.  In fact I spent most of my time playing this!

There was also a room dedicated to console gaming.  Repairs to a House of the Dead cabinet were almost complete so should be added to the line up soon.  Its awesome seeing new arcade ventures open like this and Astro City in Southend.  With a top line up of cabs and games and friendly staff, I really enjoyed my visit to the HoG and am already looking forward to my next visit!