Monday, 17 July 2017

New Arrival - Atari Klax Cabaret


About The Cab
It seemed like this cab was for sale forever on Ebay and on Jamma+ and Ukvac arcade forums.  In the end I decided to buy it mainly for my wife, with Klax being one of her favourite games.  Plus I thought it would be cool having an Atari cab and would bring something a bit different to my collection.  When the cab arrived, I was short of space and it ended up behind the TV in the lounge for a while.  Then we moved house and all my cabs were put into storage during the transition.  Finally Klax takes pride of place in my new games room. 

The cab was made in IrelandTipperary town. 

Interestingly it looks like the cab has been operated in Germany, with Deutsche Marks on the coin inserts.

The Good
-The cab is fully working!
-There are some small marks from general wear and tear, but the cab is generally in excellent condition.

-The monitor is a Wells-Gardner, Model No. 19K7901, and the picture is great with no noticeable burn.

-Being a cabaret, the cab is nice and compact.
-The cab is funky, with nice side art and chrome T-moulding.
-The bezel is in great condition.
-The cab is extremely clean inside.  Other than a bit of a hoover up inside the base, I haven’t had to do anything to it.

-The instruction card is intact and attached to the rear door.
-It came complete with manual and keys
-With the cab being Jamma standard there is always the option to put other one button puzzle games in there as well.  

The Not So Good
-There is some slight cigarette burn on the left hand side of the control panel.
-A small section of side art on the right hand side has started to peel away.
-The coin door key is missing and one of the locks is missing the latch.
-My wife is very good at the game, and I’m not.

A massive thanks to Danscu (Ukvac) for this cab, I’m really pleased to add it to my collection.

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