Sunday, 26 February 2012

Akihabara Arcade Game Centres Pt. 1 - Natsuge Museum / Natsu Game Museum

This cool little arcade focuses on vintage games from the mid-80’s and older titles.  The arcade is only open on Friday nights (6-11PM) and the weekends after lunch (1-10PM Sat, 1-8PM Sun & Holidays).  We were lucky to fit a visit into our holiday schedule, but I’m pleased we did!

The arcade is a little off the beaten track, located a couple of minutes walk from the main strip, behind Yodobashi. 

On our way to Natsuge Museum, we walked along a dimly lit street, passing by some traditional looking bars packed with Japanese salarymen.

And, erm, this interesting looking venue!

Finally we were there!

In addition to cocktail and candy cabinets, the arcade had a couple of dedicated machines – Quartet 4P, Super Punch-Out!!, and Space Invaders.  With space a premium, dedicated cabs are very rare in Japan.

There are also gaming related goods for sale including sound track CD’s, gachapon, books and GameSide magazines, and models.

The arcade also hosts events and theme nights so if your planning on visiting, check out their website:

Sunday, 19 February 2012

From High-Rise to the Underground

Saturday 11th February 2012.  It was an icy cold night as I waited outside Iceni Warriors Gym, Norwich.  I was there for the Capcom UK Fight Club Tour, a chance to check out the latest build of Street Fighter X Tekken.  Stood next to me in the queue was the European Mortal Kombat champion. 

I only had two games on SF X Tekken.  It didn’t go well, getting a major thrashing from a girl.  I blame my hands as they were still frozen from waiting outside!    It was cool of Capcom to host this event, a chance to have a few games and chat to fellow players.  I ended up spending most of the evening chatting to a massive R-Type fan about Irem!  The free beers and pizza were very welcome as well.

It was a good evening.  If Fight Club comes to your town, check it out!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Kit Kats and other goodies

I received this awesome package today from Rancor over on the Shmups forum.  The package contained GameSide Shooting Vol.04, an OutZone Doujin Superplay D.V.D. and a nice selection of Kit Kats (conveniently just in time for Valentines Day!).

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Odaiba Arcade Game Centres

Decks Tokyo Beach

Imagine if you could go back in time to an arcade in a traditional British seaside resort back in the 80’s / early 90’s.  Tunes from Street Fighter and OutRun and Hang-On intermingle and create an intoxicating atmosphere as people wait patiently for their turn.

Now add some awesome Japanese candy cabinets from the same era. 

You've just imagined Decks Tokyo Beach arcade.

The machines are all fully working and in beautiful condition.  It was awesome seeing Sega City’s and a Capcom Status 18, as well as more modern dedicated cabinets such as Tokyo Wars and Virtua Cop 1&2.  And that OutRun cabinet…..simply beautiful.

Palette Town Game Centre – Tokyo Leisureland

This venue used to be the infamous Neo Geo World, featuring rows of machines showcasing Neo Geo titles, as well as rides, bowling, karaoke, restaurants, shopping and cinema.  Although NGW and the awesome SNK candy cabinets are sadly long gone, it’s nice that the venue still houses an arcade featuring many dedicated machines, old and new.  A word of warning though, this was also one of the most expensive arcades with a lot of the newer machines 200 Yen / credit!