Monday, 7 January 2013

Xexex Kit, Spectral vs. Generation and Ganryu

Here are some pictures of my recent purchases. 

The cartridge version of Spectral vs. Generation was my most wanted game.  There are 29 known official games for the Igs Pgm system released on cartridge format, and I’m going for the complete set.  It has taken me a while to track down the cartridge version of SvG and I’m very pleased to finally get hold of one. 

I’m really looking forward to playing Ganryu, an interesting looking platform action game by Visco which doesn’t seem much like a Neo Geo game at all. 

I’m also really happy to pick up a complete Xexex Kit, a truly impressive horizontal shooter by Konami with amazing graphics and sound and very challenging gameplay.

The Xexex Kit contains the following:

Xexex Kit Box
Xexex PCB, Serial No. 022590
2x Anti-Static Bags
PCB Feet
Xexex Manual
2x Stickers
2x Marquee Artwork – Serial Matches PCB
Moves List
2x Cardboard POP Artwork