Friday, 12 August 2016

Arcades In Southport

Silcocks Funland

In addition to a selection of modern arcade games, including Star Wars Battle Pod, this arcade has a small classic gaming section.  The Defender cabinet looked in really nice condition.

Southport Pier’s New ‘Old’ Penny Arcade

Stretching over a kilometre across the Southport Sands and into the Irish Sea, it’s well worth making the journey to the end of the pier to visit this arcade.

The arcade features old one penny slot machines, pinball tables and two cocktail cabinets.

The cocktail cabinets had 1942 and Super Space Invaders '91 installed.  I enjoyed a few credits on both games.  By sheer coincidence I had been reading an article about the 1942 series in Retro Gamer magazine that very morning.

Premier Bowl & Laser
This venue has a cool Avengers pinball table as well as some modern arcade games.