Thursday, 23 July 2015

Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park

I recently visited Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park, near Lowestoft, Suffolk.  I remember going on family outings and school trips to the theme park, my last visit being around twenty years ago.  I was never one for roller coasters and would spend most of my time in the arcade.  The arcade was quite dated compared with what we had down Yarmouth seafront and the only game I really remember was Prehistoric Isle in 1930, by SNK (1989).  I liked the theme of the game, a horizontal shooter with dinosaurs, and I hadn’t come across it in any other arcade.

Twenty years later and the arcade is completely different, with the usual selection of modern games.  However it was nice to see an OutRun2.


The biggest surprise was Final Lap 2, Namco (1991).

There is a good chance that this would have been in the arcade on my last visit twenty years ago!  I can’t remember seeing or playing it, but with it’s release five years after OutRun I can’t imagine my younger self would have been particularly impressed with it either.  However this time around I enjoyed a few credits, still set at 20p per go!

I wonder if this ride was inspired by the Atari classic?

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