Thursday, 16 July 2015

Capcom Mini Cute Restoration – Part 6

Without doubt the most problematic aspect of the project.  The monitor had some serious burn and the image was terribly washed out.  It was non stock, with a Hitachi tube and a Toei chassis.  Unfortunately 18” monitors are virtually impossible to get hold of in Europe.  They do appear fairly frequently on Yahoo Japan, but shipping costs and the risk of damage makes it an expensive gamble.  I purchased a brand new 17” monitor for this project.  Although not a perfect solution, the new monitor should have a really nice picture and can still be tated. 


I made some brackets to fit the monitor in the original frame.  If I ever get hold of a nice 18” monitor, ideally stock Toshiba tube and Sanwa chassis, it will be a straightforward swap. 

The new monitor has an input voltage of 240V.  The original power supply unit outputs 110V, so I decided to replace it with a new Min Dong unit.  It has a 100V / 220V input selector switch. 

New power supply wired up ready for fitting.  It’s a different size to the original, and I’ve made a new mounting plate.

Control Panel
Some pics of the fitted panel.

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