Thursday, 25 June 2015

Capcom Mini Cute Restoration – Part 5

Castor wheels
When moving the Cute around, movement was uneven and bumpy.  The castor wheels were in poor condition, with chunks missing from some of the wheels.

The cab has six castor wheels in total, two on the front section and four on the main body.  The back two wheels are fixed position, the other four are swivel type.  The diameter of each of the six wheels is 38mm, central hole diameter 6mm and width 18mm.

I removed the castor wheels from the front section and managed to find replacements in Clas Ohlson, Article No. 30-9744, which were virtually identical to the originals.  I bought six with the intention of renewing them all.  However the castor wheels on the main body are different.  The two front wheels have a locking mechanism, although the base plate profile is the same as those on the front section.  The two back wheels are fixed position and the base plate is a different size. 

I was unable to find replacements for the castor wheels on the main body, so I decided to keep all of the original castors and renew the wheels with those from the new castors.  Taking the new castors, I used a junior hacksaw to cut the end off the pin, allowing removal of the pin and wheel.  I then removed the wheels from the original castors using the same method, and gave the castors a good clean up using WD-40, cleaning cloths and foam tipped buds.  I then fitted the new wheels to the original castors using clevis pins and circlips:

Clevis pins, Type ISO 2341 - Circlip
Nominal diameter 'd' of each pin 6mm

Material: mild steel, zinc plated

Grip length 'G1' from under the head to the inside edge of the groove:

1. G1 = 26mm x 4 pins for the rear and front wheels
2. G1 = 28mm x 2 pins for the locking wheels

The original Tenvox speakers were cracked and started to fall to pieces as soon as I removed them.  The stock spec are 10cm 4 ohm 15W.  I picked up a pair of Monacor SP-10/4S speakers which are identical in spec and design.  The new speakers also have the advantage of being magnetically shielded, unlike the originals.

Manufacturers stickers
Here are the repro set of manufacturers stickers I had produced (originals on the left).

I’ve now started re-assembly, it’s all coming along well.

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