Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sega Naomi Sit-Down - New Net City Art – Part 2

The cabinet has a Nanao MS-2932-S 31KHz monitor.  The picture is very nice, the image sharp and there is no visible burn.

Normally I just use an air duster and anti-static brush to give the monitor tube and chassis a light clean, but this monitor was filthy and a more thorough cleaning was required. 

The back of the tube was caked with black arcade dust so I discharged the tube and I used IPA solvent cleaning pads to wipe the grime off.  However these pads contain water so I was careful to avoid the aquadag coating, which is water soluble.  The aquadag coating has a pencil lead appearance, and I just wiped around it.

These are the pads I used: ... 4E4F4E4526

I also find them useful for cleaning PCB edge connectors.

For the aquadag coating and the monitor chassis I just used an air duster dry air blast cleaner and anti-static brush.

For the cables / wiring I thought the solvent cleaning pads might be a bit harsh so I used some alcohol free anti-static PC cleaner wipes, which are suitable for plastics.

These and similar products are available from most stationary shops:

After cleaning:

Earth Wiring
A couple of earth wires inside the legs weren’t connected to anything and some earth wires were missing.

Facing the front of the cab, the correct arrangement is as follows:

LHS Leg - 2 Earth Wires
1. Leg frame earth point – I/O tray (same position as the CP earth)
2. Leg frame earth point (bottom) – base earth point on the very left hand side, about 20cm into the cab.

RHS Leg - 3 Earth Wires
1. Leg frame earth point – lighting unit frame.
2. Leg frame earth point – monitor frame.
3. Leg frame earth point (bottom) - base earth point at the very rear right, near the transformer.

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