Thursday, 22 November 2012

New Arrival – Capcom Mini Cute – Yellow Edition

Here is my latest arcade cabinet – Capcom Mini Cute – Yellow Edition.  I’ve really enjoyed working on arcade cabinets this year and I was looking for a bit of a project – this fits the bill nicely! 

The Good
1. It’s a Mini Cute!
2. The cabinet body is in relatively good shape.  There is little rust and no dents or damages.

3. The screen cover is in good condition with no deep scratches.
4. All of the wiring is intact and original.

5. The cabinet has a full set of locks and keys.
6. The cabinet came complete with an original marquee and also has the two eye bolts.  I’m especially pleased about these as they seem to be missing from most Cutes.

The Bad
1. The monitor has some serious screen burn from the game Rygar.

2. The stock control panel has been replaced with a home made custom panel.

3. The cabinet body paint work has a lot of scratches and is in generally poor condition.

4. The Capcom side art is in poor condition with rips and tears.

5. The speaker grills are in poor condition.

To Do
1. Re-spray the external shell - cabinet front, control box and body. 
2. Add repro side art.
3. Fit new control panel, complete with new sticks and buttons.
4. Replace missing kick plate rubber.
5. Internal clean.  Clean all wiring.
5. Re-spray speaker grills.
6. Clean and polish screen cover and bezel with Novus.
7. Replace monitor.

I plan dismantling the cabinet and taking the parts to local car body shop (the same place that re-sprayed my New Astro City speaker surround).  They should be able to do a perfect colour match.  I already have repro side art and a repro coin entry sticker.  I have a control panel on its way from Japan to replace the custom panel.  If you have any idea what game the custom panel is intended for, please let me know!  Finding a suitable replacement monitor will no doubt be the biggest hurdle.

The cab is very tired and needs a lot of work.  However it should shape up nicely and I’m really looking forward to bringing this old unloved cabinet back to its former glory!


  1. i know you made this post years back. im trying to find one to buy do you have any information that can help me locate one?