Sunday, 18 March 2012

Nakano Broadway Mall

Here are some pictures taken at Nakano Broadway Mall.  Featuring four floors of anime, manga, rare toys and loads of other Japanese Pop Culture goodies, it’s pretty awesome.  The Mall can be easily reached from Shinjuku or Akihabara via the Chuo-Sobu line.

There are a couple of small arcade areas within the mall, featuring mostly fighting games.

The videogame store, Mandarake Galaxy had an awesome selection of rare games.  It was here I finally found another title I’ve been searching for – Karuraou, known as Skyblazer in the West for the Super Famicom.  I had been on the lookout for this title for a good while, checking at all the videogame stores I visited during the holiday.  With just a day to go before coming home, I was well chuffed to finally track it down.

The store also had Tetris for the Megadrive behind a glass display cabinet, one of the rarest and most valuable games for the system.  The game never reached the shelves after a problem arose with the Tetris license giving Nintendo exclusive rights to the game. Apparently there are only ten official Megadrive cartridges in existence.

Curious about the game, I asked the sales assistant about it only to be told it wasn’t for sale.

There was also a CD shop close by with a huge selection of videogame sound tracks for sale.

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