Saturday, 10 March 2012

Akihabara Arcade Game Centres Pt. 3 – Club Sega Akihabara [New Annex], Taito HEY & Tokyo Leisureland Akihabara 2

Club Sega Akihabara [New Annex]

The arcade featured an awesome retro floor and was one of the few arcades we visited with dedicated Sega cabinets.

We also got to try Cho Chabudai Gaeshi! (Super Table-Flip!), by Taito.  There are four different scenario’s you can choose from: dad and kids, a bride at a wedding, a guest at a host club, and a frustrated office worker.  You must pound the table and as you cause things in the room to clatter to the floor, you score points.  When the game’s 60-second timer nears conclusion, you must flip the table and watch as the havoc unfolds in Matrix-style bullet time.  Hilarious, madder than a box of frogs, and utterly brilliant!  

Cho Chabudai Gaeshi! youtube video

Taito HEY (Hirose Entertainment Yard)

This arcade is pretty famous and its reputation is well deserved as one of the landmark arcades in Akihabara.  A truly awesome selection of titles, arguably the best arcade in Japan.  The second floor specialises in shooters.  Watching the Japanese players show off their skills on the Cave games was pretty awesome.  HEY arcade was the venue for the recent location test of Cave’s latest game, Dodonpachi Saidai-Oujou.

Tokyo Leisureland Akihabara 2

This arcade features a good lineup of games.

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