Monday, 2 January 2012

Sights from Osaka

Dotombori-dori is ablaze with neon lights of large billboards and TV screens, all flashing modern commercial messages.  The rain seems endless and the streets are awash with umbrellas as crowds scurry past.  An overhead shuttle announces “A new life awaits you in the off world colonies”.  Well ok, all except the last one!

The infamous Glico Man sign at the Ebusu-bashi bridge.  The sign has been in place for over 70 years.  The company behind the ad, Ezaki Glico, a confectionary manufacturer based in the city, are best known for their caramel candy and Pocky pretzel snacks.

In the Minamai area, Den Den Town, south of Nipponbashi Station, is what Akihabara is to Tokyo.  There are some awesome used game shops, on par with Akihabara.  I picked up an Irem compilation soundtrack CD and some old videogame magazines.  The shop had a nice selection of old videogame magazines dating back to the 80’s!

Osaka Aquarium is fantastic!  Located at Tempozan Harbour Village in the Osaka Bay area, the aquarium is constructed so that you wind down between fourteen elongated tanks, each representing a different aquatic environment, from Antarctica to the Aleutian Islands.  This means you can, for example, watch seals basking on the rocks at the top of the tank and see them swimming, torpedo-like, through the lower depths later.  If your in Osaka, this is a must see.  Check out the awesome manta rays, whale sharks and (my personal favourite) Napoleon Wrasse.

A couple more random pictures taken in Osaka.

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