Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Osaka Arcade Game Centres

During our stay in Osaka we found time to check out some arcades, and they didn’t disappoint! 

Nanboya Arcade
We found this totally by chance.  Such a cool little arcade, with an awesome selection of classic metal bodied cabinets:  Irem Madonna’s, Namco Consolette, Pony’s, Konami Domy Jr, Nintendo Vs, SNK Candy Cabinets.  To finally see all these awesome cabinets at once in a proper Japanese arcade was pretty amazing.  It made me happy to find places like this still exist.  While I was taking pictures and drooling over the amazing cabinets, the wife was happy playing Bomber Man World on the Blast City!

Taito Station - Osaka
Here I played some more Darius Burst.  There was a book for fans to write comments and exchange tips which was pretty cool.  Also there was a small but excellent shooter section featuring Raiden II, DoDonPachi II – Bee Storm, and Mushihime-sama Cave Matsuri Ver. 1.5.

Sega Avion
This arcade had a nice selection of old and new titles.  It’s pretty awesome that tournaments are held here for classic titles such as Buriki One and Fighter’s History.

Game Centre in Mall next to Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
Not much of interest here, but I was pleased to finally play Castlevania – The Arcade.  A bit like House of the Dead with a whip, it was actually pretty fun.

Game Amuseum
Mostly LCD cabs, but there was a small retro section.  Best of all though – Giant Tetris!

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