Friday, 18 May 2018

Great Yarmouth Arcade Heaven

Great Yarmouth arcades were amazing back in the day, and have played host to an awesome selection of titles over the years.  I remember playing games I haven’t seen anywhere else, including Chase H.Q. DLX – the motion based one where you sit in a black Porsche, and Star Wars Arcade – the Sega Model 1 powered game.

Here is a pic of the Flamingo front taken in the late eighties.

Check out the Sega Taikan cabs!  From left to right the following machines can be seen:

1. Galaxy Force DLX.  Yes, Galaxy Force DLX!  Sega, 1988

2. After Burner DLX, Sega AM2, 1987
3. I’m unsure about the machine just left of the Coka-Cola vending machine.
4. WEC Le Mans 24 DLX (to the right of the Coka-Cola machine), Konami, 1986

5. Super Hang-On DLX (just above the traffic bollard), Sega AM2, 1987.  Look closely and you can see someone sitting on the bike.
6. Another one I’m unsure about.  Positioned between SHO and OutRun DLX, it looks like a test your strength or love meter type game?
7. OutRun DLX, Sega AM2, 1986
8. Power Drift DLX, Sega AM2, 1988
9. Winning Run DLX, Namco, 1988

10. Space Harrier DLX, Sega AM2, 1985

Remember this was just one arcade along the Golden Mile, and wasn’t even the best!

The pink neon sign is still there, but sadly it’s now all fruit machines and ticket redemption.

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  1. Great Yarmouth's arcades sounded absolutely amazing. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a R360 or Galaxian 3 Theatre there either!