Thursday, 1 March 2018

A look back at Tokyo Leisureland, Odaiba

In my last blog I talked about my visit to Tokyo Leisureland, which was formerly Neo Geo World.  Sadly I have since discovered that the venue closed in July 2017.  Located in the Pallette Town entertainment complex, Tokyo Lesisureland was a huge amusement space featuring arcade games, a haunted house and ninja castle, karaoke, bowling, billiards, batting and even a fishing pond!  As a tribute to this awesome arcade, here are some pics of the venue from my visit back in 2011.

After spending the day at Sega Joypolis, we walked in the direction of the Daikanransha ferris wheel and passed these buildings, which I think have a bit of a Blade Runner vibe.

Adjacent to the ferris wheel is Tokyo Leisureland.  The arcade had a great selection of dedicated machines, old and new, and some of these machines I have never seen anywhere else.

The awesome Tetris Giant, known as Tetris Dekaris in Japan.

GTI Club: Rally Côte d'Azur and Supermini Festa!  I love how the new version has a restaurant theme, complete with menu board and awning.

The only Tokyo Bus Guide arcade cabinet I’ve ever seen.

My wife cracking the whip on Akumajō Dracula: The Arcade.  Note the look of sheer menace on her face!

The Blast on the left features Akai Katana, one of my favourite shooters.  The middle Blast features RC de Go!, complete with dedicated panel.  If you know what the game is on the right please let me know in the comments.

Developed by AM1 and released in 1999 on Sega Naomi hardware, Ring Out 4x4 is a vehicular combat game.  The cabinet design clearly borrows a lot from the arcade classic Hot Rod.  It’s a shame the game never received a Dreamcast home conversion. 

There is nothing quite like sneaking up on someone whilst on the back of a panda!

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