Monday, 25 September 2017

Bexhill Arcade, East Sussex

On day four of our holiday we travelled down to Bexhill.  There is one arcade in Bexhill, mostly comprising of pushers and fruit machines.  The arcade is quite peculiar, with a large graveyard of classic machines stacked at one end of the arcade and just two videogames switched on.

Daytona USA twin and Operation Thunderbolt were the two workers.  Both were in great condition.

There was also Time Crisis on the arcade floor, but it was turned off.  I haven’t seen a working Time Crisis for a long time.  The cab looked in very good condition.

Games in the graveyard section include Championship Sprint, Hang-On, Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighters, OutRun, Racin’ Force, Speed Up twin, various Jamma cabinets and a couple of ‘interesting’ cab conversions.

The OutRun looked in nice condition and the side art looked almost perfect, but there was some serious cigarette burn on the bezel around the map.

Initially I thought this was originally a Street Fighter cab, but going by the shape it seems to be more like a converted X-Men cab.

An Atari System 1 cab converted to Mortal Kombat, complete with instructions!

Two pinball tables at the back behind the arcade machines.

In the building next door there are some even older machines.  The room is dilapidated, the machines seemingly sat untouched for years.  It looks like something out of a horror film and the term arcade graveyard is even more apt.  The below pics were taken through the window.

There is an Asteroids up against the window as well as Gorf.  There also appears to be an arcade machine to the left of Gorf and another at the end of the row of fruit machines, but it’s difficult to see what they are.

Gorf is another classic which has been mutilated with two joysticks on the control panel and a ‘New Video’ marquee.

I spoke to the employee in the arcade about the machines and he said they’ve been there for many years and that the owner may be selling some in the future.  So if you see anything which takes your fancy it might be worth getting in touch and making an offer!


  1. That arcade is absolutely crazy. All those cabs have sat there for years and no-one's bought them, even though I have heard about them before on Jamma+