Thursday, 16 March 2017

New Arrival – Electrocoin Chase H.Q.2 Upright

About The Cab
Chase H.Q.2 was released in 2007.  The game had a fairly limited release, and it wasn’t until 2013 that I finally played it, having stumbled across a machine in the departure lounge at Luton airport.  It then took me another couple of years to track down a nice Chase H.Q.2 upright cab in fully working condition.  I’ve seen quite a few sit down machines over the years, but the upright is more scarce.  I have heard that just twenty of the upright cabinets were produced.  The game is great fun and an awesome modern update of the original.

Here are some pics of the internals.

A look at the Taito Type X+ hardware.  I like how the mobo sits on its own shelf which slides out easily. 

The Good
-The cab is fully working!
-The cab is solid, well built and in excellent condition overall.
-No someone hasn’t scrapped the monitor and fitted a LCD, it was like that from factory.  It’s a 23” Happ TFT LCD.  Because of the LCD the machine is fairly compact.

- I love how the cabinet design is similar to the original classic, right down to the flashing pursuit lights.
-Overall the side artwork is very nice.  I love how Taito pays homage to their history!

-The force feedback steering works perfectly.
-The cab is nice and clean inside.   
-It came complete with keys
-Take a look at Nancy.  What’s not to like!

The Not So Good
-Unfortunately the steering panel overlay is missing.  I’m also on the lookout for the pop card/topper and instruction manual.
-There are a few areas where the side art edges have some wear.

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