Thursday, 3 December 2015

Revival Winter Warmer 2015

Last weekend I went along to Revival Winter Warmer 2015, held at Brookfields Leisure Centre, Wolverhampton on the 28th and 29th November.  The event had a friendly atmosphere and a great mix of arcade, pinball and console games.  Arcade wise, highlights include DoDonPachi, Donkey Kong, Final Fight, Midnight Resistance, OutRun and Turbo OutRun, Rainbow Islands and Space Launcher.


I really enjoyed playing Midnight Resistance and Rainbow Islands on the little Sega cabinets.  The Midnight Resistance custom cab was especially awesome with its fantastic artwork and played brilliantly.  It was great playing the arcade original on such a cool little machine.
The arcade driving game section had a nice selection of titles.  It was cool seeing the OutRun and Turbo OutRun Mini cabinets side by side.
I also got to try out a few pinball tables.  Metallica was a definite favourite.
There was a nice selection of traders selling various retro collectibles, although I’m still a little gutted about just missing out on that Donkey Kong board game.  Rastermania was back selling a selection of PCB’s, MVS and various arcade parts.
An awesome weekend of gaming, bring on Revival 2016!

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