Thursday, 8 October 2015

Arcade Club – Second Visit

Whilst holidaying up North at Todber Valley, Lancashire, we made our second visit to Arcade Club.  Once again we had an awesome time and it was great seeing some new additions to the arcade.

Here are some of my gaming highlights.

After Burner DLX
On my last visit the cabinet movement wasn’t working, but on this occasion it was fully operational.  A very cool cab and a great gaming experience, although it was a little bit of a squeeze getting inside the cockpit!

Chase H.Q. 2
An awesome new addition, this game is loads of fun.  This time I made it to the fourth stage, pursuing a truck which had the advantage of a huge missile launcher on its trailer.  It was nice to see the game proving popular with the arcade goers. 


The first time I’ve seen / played this fun and addictive Sega game from 1984.

Hot Rod

This was again a firm favourite, with my daughter still humming the tune weeks later!


S.T.U.N. Runner

Released by Atari in 1989, I don’t recall seeing this futuristic racer / shooter before.  Like Hard Drivin’ released the same year, Atari was well ahead of its time with polygon graphics.  Very cool cab and great fun.


Virtua Fighter

Developed by AM2 and released in 1993 on Model 1 hardware, Virtua Fighter is important in gaming history as the first 3-D fighter.  Whereas Sega’s Model 2 games can still be found in arcades, Model 1 games have all but disappeared.  The last Model 1 game I saw was Virtua Racing at The TonTon Club, Amsterdam.  I love the distinctive look of Model 1 powered graphics and the stylish polygon characters.

There was an awesome line up in the Electrocoin cabinets, including Pac-Land, Kung-Fu Master, Golden Axe, Ghouls’N Ghosts and Final Fight.

A video and some more pics of Arcade Club.  Arcade Club gets pretty busy, especially on Saturday night, and the video was recorded just before closing time on Sunday.

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