Friday, 4 September 2015

Arcades on Hayling Island, Hampshire


This fun fair has a large arcade, with a good selection of games.

The arcade has an impressive selection of pinball tables.  I enjoyed a few goes on The Twilight Zone.

I couldn’t believe what was tucked away in the corner behind The King of Route 66.

A fully working Star Wars cockpit cabinet in an arcade in 2015!  The cabinet was in really good condition.  The monitor was nice and the game played perfectly.

The side art was nice and vibrant. 

The art on the controller was a little worn, but that’s to be expected after 33 years of play!

I can’t remember seeing / playing this back in the day, but I did have the home conversion on my Amstrad CPC 464.  It was awesome to play the arcade original.  The sound was nice and loud, and the speech, sound effects and that musical score really adds to the experience.

A video and some more pics of Funland.


There were few games in this arcade, but they did have this Space Invaders and Qix Silver Anniversary cabinet.             


  1. Ah man, looks like they got rid of Virtual On :( it was there in 2011 when I visited