Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Crackers 2014

Here are some of my recent purchases, ready for the festive season!

Razion MVS Gamecenter Kit Shockbox LE # 511
I love horizontal shooters and I’m really looking forward to playing the latest release from NG:DEV.TEAM.

I recently picked this up on Yahoo Japan.  It was a bit of an impulse purchase really, I put on a low bid and ended up winning it.  The game certainly divides opinion, including my own!  I was immensely excited when rumours of its release started to circulate, the thought of seeing Capcom characters on Neo Geo hardware was awesome.  However the game was finally released and received a mixed reception.  I think this jaded my enthusiasm for the game.  I played the game for the first time during shore leave in Japan.  It was a small arcade with a few Astro City’s, I can’t even remember what town it was in.  First impressions weren’t great.  I found the game a bit dull and not much fun.  Well since then I’ve changed my opinion.  The character roster is excellent, although it would have been nice to have a bit more variety on the Capcom side.  Initially I wasn’t impressed by the art style, particularly the desolate backgrounds, but it’s really grown on me.  I was expecting more fan service with references to Capcom / SNK titles, however the bleak tone gives the game a unique look.  The music suits the backgrounds and the Capcom sprites are awesome.  Who ever thought we would see Hugo on the Neo?  The game isn’t perfect, but I’ve been having a lot of fun with it and it’s awesome it exists. 

Darius Odyssey Kōshiki Settei Shiryōshū Official Japanese Art Book
A very cool book featuring lots of nice art from the series.


Splatterhouse Pop and Bokuno Game Center Vol. 2 - Astro City featuring Fighting Vipers
I’m really pleased to finally get hold of a Splatterhouse pop after being outbid so many times.

Takara Transformers Sentinel Mega Drive Megatron
What an awesome idea, a Mega Drive Megatron transformer!  Or “Fully Transformable Antagonistic Videogame Console” as it says on the box.

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