Monday, 11 August 2014

Arcades In and Around Great Yarmouth – Part 4: Pleasure Beach, Cherry Tree Holiday Park, Vauxhall Holiday Park & Seashore Holiday Park

Pleasure Beach


The Pleasure Beach features the oldest videogames along the seafront.  Whilst there are some cool games, it’s a shame to see so many bordering on unplayable with monitor faults or completely broken.  Sega Rally 2 was switched off, Top Skater and Virtua Cop 3 projection screens were in bad shape, and Tekken 3 and Ridge Racer had monitor issues.  In fact the Ridge Racer cabinet was running with a monitor fault on my last visit over two years ago!  On a more positive note it was nice to see The Simpsons still running after all these years.

There used to be an OutRun sit down cabinet next to the Sega Rally, but it disappeared a couple of years ago.

Hidden out of sight were two sorry looking Naomi Universal cabinets, somebody should save these!

Parkdean  Cherry Tree Holiday ParkBurgh Castle

I was chuffed when I came across Chase H.Q. 2 at Luton Airport, little did I know there was one virtually on my door step!  Strangely this cabinet had a few cosmetic differences.  I really enjoy this game, its loads of fun.  This time I made it to the third stage, pursuing the wanted criminal on a race track whilst trying to avoid incoming cars.  Why they didn’t call the race off remains a mystery!  My wife played a credit whilst I filmed, so a big thanks to the wife and her gaming skills!
Vauxhall Holiday Park
A nice selection of games, all fully working.  Highlights were the Star Wars Trilogy Arcade and Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga 20 Year Reunion cabinet, which has clearly had a lot of play!

Seashore Holiday Park

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