Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Arcades In and Around Great Yarmouth – Part 3: Caister, California & Scratby

Caister Holiday Park


Sands Amusements – California Sands Estate


In addition to the arcade, I checked out the Club Oasis showbar and spied an Electrocoin cabinet. 

I switched the cab on at the plug socket, half expecting it not to work and the monitor slowly came to life to reveal an arcade classic!

Sunbeach Holiday Village - Dutchy’s Tavern - California

California Amusements

The videogames in this arcade were switched off.  I asked if they could switch them on but was told they were broken.

The Pink Palace - Scratby

Gambling and redemption machines.  The only link to gaming was Pac Man and Ghosts seemingly trapped inside a glass cabinet, waiting for someone to rescue them with the crane!

Summerfields Holiday Park - Scratby

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