Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Arcades In and Around Great Yarmouth – Part 2: Hemsby & Newport

Hemsby and Newport are seaside village resorts, situated 5 miles north of Gt. Yarmouth. There is little variation between the arcades and there aren’t many videogames left.  However there are still a couple of cool games, including the awesome The House of the Dead and Scud Race.


Carousel Amusements – Hemsby

This arcade had a Daytona USA, Time Crisis 3 and the usual selection of gambling and redemption machines.  But tucked away in the corner looking a little bit lonely was something quite special.

The biggest surprise so far and one of my all time favourites!  I remember playing the full OutRun upright and sit down cabinets back in the day, but this is the first time I’ve seen an upright mini.  I was almost tempted to make an offer for the cab, but then the wife would kill me.  I dug out some 20p pieces from my wallet and settled for a couple of credits.  ‘Magical Sound Shower’ and ‘Passing Breeze’ had never sounded so good!


  1. Hiya- apparently an arcade a town away from Great Yarmouth (Caister-On-Sea) is closing down and they are selling all their stuff. I don't know what they have but it might be worth a look to see what they have. Here is the Gumtree listing where I found this.

  2. Hi mate. Yes it's California Amusements. In recent years years they've had very little videogame wise. On my last visit a couple of years ago they had Coopers 9, Aqua Jet and The Fast and the Furious. The machines were switched off. I asked if they could be switched on and was told they were broken. However they were one of the last arcades around to have a Mortal Kombat 2 and if I remember rightly someone from Jamma+ picked up an Enduro Racer from them.

    I've been in contact with the owner and he says he may have some 'manuals and bits' for me.

    Thanks for thinking of me. I'll let you know if I manage to get anything of interest.