Sunday, 4 August 2013

MVS Recent Additions Part 2 – Neo DriftOut and Ironclad Brikin’ger

Neo DriftOut, Matching Serial # 000010

The Neo DriftOut Kit serial number is 10!  The seller informed me that that the first 15 Kits were sent to an arcade operator in Italy.

Ironclad Brikin’ger MVS Conversion

I’m really looking forward to playing this awesome looking horizontal shooter, developed by Saurus, the team behind Shock Troopers.  I generally avoid conversions, preferring to stick to the original hardware.  However this seemed like a cool addition to my MVS collection, having only been officially released on the Neo Geo CD system.

At the moment I have the following games in the Neo SC-19:

1. Ganryu
2. Ironclad Brikin’ger
3. Pulstar
4. Sengoku 3

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