Monday, 23 July 2012

Sega New Astro City – Update 23/07/2012

Well I’ve pretty much finished the control panel now.

1. New 1L6B control panel and control looms fitted.
2. Plastic coin slot replaced with Sega 100 Yen chrome metal coin slot.
3. Faded Insert Coin 100 Yen sticker replaced with NOS sticker.
4. Instruction strip glass cover cleaned / polished.
5. Instruction strip glass cover brackets cleaned with Steller stainless steel cleaner.
6. m4 x 16mm chrome carriage bolts and m4 flange nuts renewed (x6).  Parts 031-000416-0C & 050-F00400 respectively.


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  2. How did you clean/polish the instruction strip? Mine is in bits and I can't find a replacement. Great blog by the way!

    Shameless plug!:

  3. The instruction stip was in good condition, I just cleaned it up with some Windolene glass wipes.

    I've been enjoying your blog as well, looking forward to the next part of (Almost) Live From Hell City!