Sunday, 19 February 2012

From High-Rise to the Underground

Saturday 11th February 2012.  It was an icy cold night as I waited outside Iceni Warriors Gym, Norwich.  I was there for the Capcom UK Fight Club Tour, a chance to check out the latest build of Street Fighter X Tekken.  Stood next to me in the queue was the European Mortal Kombat champion. 

I only had two games on SF X Tekken.  It didn’t go well, getting a major thrashing from a girl.  I blame my hands as they were still frozen from waiting outside!    It was cool of Capcom to host this event, a chance to have a few games and chat to fellow players.  I ended up spending most of the evening chatting to a massive R-Type fan about Irem!  The free beers and pizza were very welcome as well.

It was a good evening.  If Fight Club comes to your town, check it out!

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